Certify your UAS according to a specific standard

Any Type and Scenario

Multirotor, helicopter or fixed wing, we certify unmanned systems in all categories for any type of operation –VLOS / BLOS - according to worldwide accepted standards: NATO STANAG, JARUS or with various local regulators (CAAI, FAA, EASA and others). We also certify UAS operation according to SORA (Specific Operational Risk Assessment) - a system without a certified pilot in the loop.

The Certification Process

Whether it’s an off-the-shelf UAS or a tailor-made designed UAS, the person or entity requesting airworthiness must present the risk the system operation holds, and to present the steps the operator takes to mitigate that risk. The procedure of certification is custom made, and includes fault analysis of the system, maintenance and flight manuals written according to the relevant standards, and other documents required to asses or proof the system safety.

Certificate of Airworthiness

The outcome of a certification process is a registered UAS with a relevant Certificate of Airworthiness, and might include an additional Type Certificate, type authorization, a relevant standard certificate, or a special certificate / exemption, all in accordance to the local Federal/Civil Aviation Authority

Subsystem Substantiation

When certifying a UAS design, the certifying authority will review the system design and test documents, alongside the substantiation documents that demonstrates the system safety of flight or other airworthiness requirement. Dronoz team conducts a system review, writes substantiation documents for each sub system and will guide you through the design process, making sure each sub system is design airworthy and certifiable.

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