DRONOZ is authorized by the CAAI to conduct various types of UAS pilot training.

We hold a broad knowledge and experience in various types of systems (multirotor, fixed wing and helicopter), and offer various training programs for individuals and organizations:

  • Basic and advanced flying
  • Rural and urban areas aerial photography
  • Mapping / surveying
  • Real-time aerial security
  • Real-time video for news
  • Construction inspection
  • Many other missions

Our training program covers the professional subjects and safety methodologies, required to fly a UAS as a licensed pilot:

  • Background and Basics (Aerodynamics, flight principles, etc.)
  • Specific UAS System Training (Multirotor, fixed wing, helicopter)
  • Regulations and Aviation Law
  • Airspace Restrictions and Flight Coordination
  • Aviation Weather Reports, Meteorology Effects on UAS
  • UAS Loading and other Handling Aspects
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Single / Dual Pilot Crew Resource Management
  • Mission Specific Training
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